HIP’s Goal

HIP was founded in 2011 by a group of online advertising professionals who believe the lack of trust between Internet Users, Advertisers, & Websites regarding online data is dysfunctional and doesn’t benefit anyone.

It is our goal to help re-build trust between worthy brands, websites, and users so the online community can work together rather than against each other.

We believe the control of user data should be shared between the participants.

  • Users should always
    • have access to view, delete, or add data about them
    • control who has access to data about them
  • Websites & Advertisers should always
    • be transparent with the users whose data they collect
    • control who can access their User interaction data

HIP provides a data collection and management system that works through mutual consent, where Advertisers, Websites can share control over user data with the User.

HIP Manifesto – Transparency, Checks & Balances

Websites Owners & Advertisers listen up please…
As users, we want to know what data is being collected about us and how it is being used. We also want to delete it when we don’t want it out there. And sometimes we simply want to ask outright for what we want rather than browse or search forever.

HIP enables you websites and advertisers to show us what data you have collected and empowers us to delete from or contribute to our HIP data. We want to work with you to get the great content you provide and to avoid wasting money showing us ads we can’t stand.

Website owners, we’re your audience…
If I know what you want to know and how you’ll use it, perhaps I can even add better information. I’d much rather have an open conversation than dump all your cookies (even the good ones) because I can’t tell good from bad.

Advertises, we’re your potential customers…
Tell me what data you’re collecting so I can learn to trust you. If I like you, perhaps I’ll even ask for your ads so I know when your best deals are available.

Internet users, you must understand…
As a website owner, I need to understand you users so I can provide you the best content and experience possible. I also need to make a living. I may or may not share data with advertisers, but using HIP enables me to share the control of the data I do collect.

I collect data about how you use my website, where you go, what you do, so I can learn what you like and what you don’t. Sometimes it helps to know where you’re from. Sometimes I’ll even ask you to sign my guest book or become a member.

Now, using HIP I can show you what I know about you and you can decide if I can keep the data or not. While I may or may not sell data to advertisers, I will always tell you which data I plan to sell.

Advertisers, let’s talk…
As a website owner, I need your advertising revenue to pay for my content, but I also respect my user’s right to privacy. Let’s work with Internet users and share the responsibility to manage the data collectively. You can buy user data if both the user and I agree.

Internet users & Website owners, let’s make a deal
As an advertiser, I know half of my advertising budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half. I don’t want to waste money.

I collect data so I know if a user is part of my audience or not. I want to build my customer relationships based upon transparency and trust. I have chosen to make my data transparent so users can understand why I think they are part of my audience.

Internet users, let’s get it all in the open
HIP enables me to show you all the data I’ve collected on you. HIP also empowers you to delete data you don’t want me to use, or to add data you feel will help me get you the right deal. You can also opt-in to our advertising deals or opt-out if you want us to avoid you.

Website owners, let’s get the right data
HIP’s fantastic data management system allows us to work closely together to collect data that matters. Using HIP, advertisers get better data and so can find our audience more accurately. Good data is worth good money.