Internet Users

HIP data is your data

Websites and advertisers store data about you for many reasons. You have little (if any) control over this data, because it’s not yours – it physically lives on their servers. In short, it is their data about you.

With HIP, it becomes your data about you – it lives on your computer, you decide who can access it, delete it if you wish or add your own data – you control it. You can fence off pieces of data or entire websites and advertisers.

The beauty of HIP is it enables websites and advertisers to share control of the data they collect on you. At the same time, HIP gives you a voice websites and advertisers can hear. So, add your own 2-cents and let them know what really matters to you when you want them to know it.

 User Manifesto

Websites Owners & Advertisers listen up please…
As users, we want to know what data is being collected about us and how it is being used. We also want to delete it when we don’t want it out there. And sometimes we simply want to ask outright for what we want rather than browse or search forever.

HIP enables you websites and advertisers to show us what data you have collected and empowers us to delete or contribute data to our HIP profile. We want to work with you to get the great content you provide and to avoid wasting money showing us ads we can’t stand.

Website owners, we’re your audience…
If I know what you want to know and how you’ll use it, perhaps I can even add better information. I’d much rather have an open conversation than dump all your cookies (even the good ones) because I can’t tell good from bad.

Advertisers, we’re your potential customers…
Tell me what data you’re collecting so I can learn to trust you. If I like you, perhaps I’ll even ask for your ads so I know when your best deals are available.

The HIP Badge

You will see this HIP logo on most sites that use HIP. While we don’t tell website owners what to display on their site, we encourage them to be as transparent as possible and to provide users an easy, quick link to view their data.

As an Internet User, the HIP badge is a signal to you that this website honors your right to share control and access to data about you. In fact, if you click on any of the badges above you’ll see all the data the HIP site has collected on you so far and how we use it.

Trust is built on transparency and communication. Sites displaying our badge believe as we do, that you deserve to share control of data about you. But HIP goes beyond granting you access and shared control, HIP is your voice direct to websites and advertisers. Say what you want, when you want it. Say what you don’t want too.

Take a look at what data our site has collected on you so far.

View Your Data

Privacy, Your Way

Access, delete, contribute

Want to see your HIP data? You can access it at any time. Simply click on any HIP badge on any site or ad, or come to the HIP website and click on “Your HIP data.” You will be directed to our HIP data page, where you can view, delete, and contribute data to your HIP profile.

Want Control? HIP data is stored in a file on your browser, not on some remote server. It is your data, and it travels with you. When you visit a site, your HIP data comes with you in your browser, but you control whether the site can see it or not.

Want to be invisible? Turn HIP off, we don’t mind. You have the right to be invisible and you already have the power when you set your browser to block 3rd party cookies. The problem with blocking or dumping cookies is your throw out the good with the bad. HIP data is designed to allow the website or advertiser to tell how the data is used, so you can make an informed choice about which data is acceptable and which is not.

Want a voice? Websites and advertisers aren’t the only ones who can add data to your HIP profile. You can too. Adding your data enables you to tell sites and advertisers what you do and don’t want. Sometimes it just easier and smarter to ask for what you want.

View Your Data

Make Yourself Heard

Say What You Want

HIP is more than a user privacy and data management solution. HIP give users a voice – literally. When you view your data, you can also add words to tell websites what content interests you, or advertisers what product you want the best deal on.

Let’s make a deal. Imagine this, you need to buy Uncle Jimmy a plasma TV for his 75th birthday next month. You will likely search the Internet, visit a few stores, and perhaps perk up when the right ad for a sale shows up. And you should do all you can to find the best deal.

Use HIP to tell advertisers you’re in their market. Sometimes it makes sense to help advertisers target you with the right deals. Make advertising your tool. Let the best deals come to you while you surf as you always do.

Persistent search. We all use search engines to find what we need on the Internet. But sometimes we want all the content we can find on a topic. We use RSS feeds or set up preferences on our favorite news site. And you should do all of that. HIP empowers you to tell sites what topics you always want to see. This allows you to set a “Persistent Search” that you carry with you whatever site you visit.

Websites that choose to listen can deliver your preferred content as soon as you arrive. No searching the site required.